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The Journey till now

Experience isn’t something that you find on the sideway, it’s more like sculpting a statue, forging it from a dead rock to something artistic, something alife!

Along the way, it took us so much effort to build our experience, our identity, our values and our fundamental core points.

Throughout the past year we were able to reach some outstanding insights that curved our business shape right now, and in the following lines we are going to walk you through these insights.

We believe that the jack of all trades is simply a master of none, and because we targeted mastering, we focused on the track of business development through marketing improvement and throughout the year we were able to work on 8 main industries, between food industry, retail arena, medical services, housekeeping, coffee industry, clothes brands, perfumes and kids’ interactive toys.

Through this we served more than 60 clients and had more than 140 leads based on our market reputation.

To achieve the best outcome, we needed to update our clients continuously with every single detail in order to help them improve their business, which simply was executed through more than 1000 meetings around the year!

Numbers never lie! It’s a fact that everybody knows, and our numbers tell about our extensive effort and outstanding results.

In order to achieve branding and publicity we managed paid ads with more than 300 thousand Egyptian pounds this year, which resulted in more than 16 million reach on social media platforms, about 10000 messages and about 5 MILLION Clients revenue!

Outstanding numbers as we already told you, but we believe that we still have more to provide, more to achieve and yet more to; learn and experience!

Our journey is yet in its first chapter, and there is a lot to be told.

And of course you are invited to our next chapter of success.. Ready to Go?

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